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Ninja Recruits

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering” —Bruce Lee

You have come far my apprentice, but now your training really begins. It’s time to get competitive for older families and older ninjas to prove they have what it takes to be a ninja and face three trials. Over 20 impossible obstacles and three levels to battle through. Race and compete with other ninjas, test your endurance and make your training count.

The first Beginners level is a series of challenges and obstacles designed to test your balance, agility, strength and problem solving. Test your endurance and progress to level two.

Once you’ve mastered that, you move onto Intermediate – a much more treacherous path, designed to eliminate the weak.

We then more the the advanced course. This seeks the recruits at the top end of their training. A step before the Pro and prepare those who are destined to become… the Total Ninja.

Knowledge is the key to understanding:

  • Only those aged 12 and over may become a Ninja Recruit
  • True wisdom is booking online for just £12.50 per hour – or £15.00 for maverick ninjas (walk-ins)
  • Compete side-by-side with other recruits
  • Ancient proverb: “ninja with gloves, no hurt fingers” – not compulsory but recommended – £5 a pair
  • Sessions start on the hour and half hour – arrive 20 minutes early to check in and clear your mind.
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Obstacles Include

Floating Bridge
Quad Steps
Sea of Doors
Rotating Logs
Warped Wall
Tilting Beams

Run Details

  • Bookable hour slots on the hour and half hour
  • Age 12 and above only
  • £12.50 online / £15.00 walk-in
  • Gloves – £5 a pair
  • All Ninjas must wear suitable trainers/ footwear- no flip-flops or bare feet
  • Use of six runs
  • Arrive 20 mins before your booked time, in order to check in and purchase gloves
  • Lockers available
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