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The Park

Ninja Academy

This is your first step on the path to becoming a Total Ninja. The Academy is designed for kid ninjas and parents wanting to experience the Academy obstacles. Those looking for fun and at the very beginning of their journey, this will teach you the basic jumping, rolling, climbing and problem solving skills a ninja needs. Skills that will prepare you for overcoming many of life’s obstacles in the real world.

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Ninja Recruits

You have come far my apprentice, but now your training really begins. The Recruits is a competitive ninja course aimed at older ninjas. It’s time for Recruits to prove they have what it takes to be a ninja and face three trials.


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Ninja Pro

Many will try, only a few will succeed. Conquer our Ninja Pro Run and you can at last call yourself… the Total Ninja. 6 gruelling obstacles designed to test you to your very limits. You will fall. You will fail. But you will get back up again. Your greatest opponent is yourself. Once you remove fear and doubt, success is the only option left. Our Ninja Pro run is for the best of the best, can you complete this and be a Pro Ninja!


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Ninja Gym


You will need strength, balance, focus and willpower to overcome the obstacles that lay ahead of you – skills you will be able to hone in our Ninja Gym. Book for before your ninja run, or after – or simply use the gym to ready yourself for life’s challenges. Train like the ninja. Live like the ninja. Be the ninja.

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Can you overcome all the obstacles?

Floating Bridge
Climbing Wall
Foam Pits
Giant Airbag
Quad Steps
Jump Tower
Spider Wall
Sea of Doors
Rotating Logs
Warped Wall
Tilting Beams

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Embrace your destiny, push yourself to your limits and find your inner ninja.

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How to find us

Tenax Road,
Trafford Park,
Manchester M17 1JT

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